Our objective is to be a humble messanger for a selection of independent wine makers whose voices are otherwise unheard of in this part of the world.

With numerous journeys to Burgundy each year, we have visited each single domaine listed in these pages. We learn first hand how each one makes his or her own range of wines, and find ourselves fascinated by their understanding of different terroirs, as well as their ideas of what kind of food matches well with which particular village or millesime.

We work mostly with the people in the profession, restaurants and shops, who are proud of and passionate about their work. In some cases our local partners understand a great deal more about Burgundy than we do. For those who wish to understand that a Burgundy is more than Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, or who wish to plan a great holiday to this wonderful region, we would be more than pleased to bring a map, along with a bottle or two Burgundy to share with them a little we have learned after all the visits over the year.

Most of our partner growers are proud of their sustainable farming practice, which is as traditional as it is sensitive to the vintage and environment. As such, our list of wine is full of the choices which register an individual vintage as honest as any.