Domaine Agnès Paquet

Created by Agnès Paquet in 2001, the domaine covers 9 ha and is founded on a deep respect for the environment. From a purely wine point of view, we like the fact that this small domaine prefers manual working of the soil over herbicides, with minimal spraying during the growing season and the encouragement of indigenous yeasts for fermentation. From a humane perspective, however, we like the story of this young mother. We learn with awe and admiration that Agnès was heavily pregnant with her first baby girl, Justine, during her domaine’s first harvest back in 2001. She was expecting her second baby, Marius, when she was presented with all kinds of hurdles at a time of a hectic harvest of the fantastic 2002. The young woman works a range of fragmented vineyards around Auxey-Duresses, which makes up a large part of her main possession. We like above all the perfect balance of her wines much like the way she balances the works between vineyards and caring for her children. The fact that Agnès is perhaps one of the most charming lady wine-makers in Burgundy certainly adds a little to the allure of this small and young domaine.

Selected wines
Chassagne-Montrachet “Les Battauds” Blanc
Pommard “Les Combes”
Auxey-Duresses Patience n°2 Blanc
Auxey-Duresses Patience n°3 Blanc
Auxey-Duresses Rouge
Auxey-Duresses Blanc
Bourgogne Pinot Noir
Bourgogne Chardonnay